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Have you ever wanted to build a wood longboard surfboard?

Thousands of surfers have bought my full size surfboard plans for building a hollow wooden surfboard!

I love the thrill of surfing on a personalized wooden surfboard and knowing that I spend less than $100 building a wooden surfboard makes it even that much better!  After talking to so many people that thought building a surfboard was beyond their ability I decided to show them simple techniques and the general concept for making a hollow wooden surfboard.  Years ago I created the first instructional manual on how to make a surfboard out of wood and that first "How to Make a Surfboard" booklet and sold it on the internet (before ebay even existed) and had positive results.

But everyone NEEDS the full size surfboard plans...

At that time no one was selling wooden surfboard plans and technology was making reproducing plans somewhat cheaper but print a 10 foot long surfboard plan still cost at that time about $17 to print. I sold over a thousand of those paper surfboard plans on ebay on the internet for years and had not one negative feedback.  Printing and folding those 10 foot long surfboard plans, surfboard blueprints,  and instructions on how to build a hollow surfboard got old after a while and my margins were so tight I took a couple of years off.


Now you can get the surfboard plans instantly via download...

Technology has once again made the idea of providing a quality ebook on making a wooden surfboard a reality now that you can purchase the plan and within minutes have all the information you need to start building the board. So once again I find myself providing the REVISED version because apparently no one knows how easy it can be and how to make a wood surfboard!


Let's face it. Most people don't achieve the greatest feeling of riding a wooden surfboard they built because of time, money, or they think it is complicated.  However, that's no longer a problem, because I have found a shortcut to building a longboard by using full size plans for ease of construction, using materials that can be bought at most local home improvement stores (of DIY store for the Aussies like Bunnings or Home Timber and Hardware), and in less time than you would think. My technique of combining the rail construction with the frame construction and having the rocker cut into the design saves hours if not days (all clearly shown on the full size surfboard plans). And best of all, it only requires about $100 to achieve the completed wooden surfboard and about 7 days for some.

Here is your chance to Instructions on How to Make a Hollow Wooden Surfboard using Surfboard Plans !

You will be amazed at how simple it can be to build a surfboard out of wood using easy to find and inexpensive materials... not to mention having full size surfboard plans to show you step-by-step on how to build the hollow board is absolutely amazing.


I understand others try to make it expensive and difficult... That is until you know the facts about building a surfboard:

- Full Size Surfboard Plans for building the board leaves NO GUESSWORK TO DESIGN

- Over 70 pages of instructions with Color Pictures and Full Size Surfboard Plans / Rib templates / Fin Template / Rocker Template / Stringer Template

- Over a Twelve Hundred Satisfied eBay Customers (some paid $50 for same information)

- Instant Download - Start building a surfboard the first day with the full size plans!

- 4th revision for making a surfboard: updated for todays prices and material availability

- Latest version incorporates techniques and suggestions from the over 1,000 happy customers on ebay

- Easy template allows for multiple construction of surfboards that you won't get with a surfboard kit

- Updated with color pictures that weren't available in prior printed edition

- PDF Electronic File allows for easy viewing on PC's and Mac's

- Only print the pages you want to use in the shop while building a surboard

- Hollow Wooden Surfboard yet Strong - Built on the same design of stringer and rib idea as an airplane wing

- No surfboard kit is needed since you can purchase the surfboard wood and materials locally and cut them simply yourself

- The surfboard can be built in about of week of working on it at night for several hours but construction time may vary


Thousands of people can't be wrong about Building a Surfboard!

They Loved my Surfboard Plans 
(click for actual ebay feedback page to see for youself)


For years I sold these surfboard plans or surfboard plans on eBay (for sometimes $50) and ALWAYS HAD POSITIVE FEEBACK!.  Surfers from all over the world bought my full size plans and built boards to ride on their local waves.  East Coast Surfers, West Coast Surfers, Great Lakes Surfers and surfers from all over the world found pleasure in building a surfboard using a full size template.  While these surfboard plans are relatively simple to construct using interlocking ribs it will take some to build but the feeling of taking off down your first wave on a surfboard you built yourself is one of the best feelings on earth!


Just a Sample of the over 1200 Customers Feedback on eBay (click for ebay feedback page)

  • High quality product - Quick shipping - No problems. Am very satisfied! Buyer: rhone121 ( 16)
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Over 1,000 Happy and Satisfied Surfboard Makers when I sold them for $24.99 on eBay




Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your information on how to make a surfboard within 60 days, then simply contact me and I'll return your entire payment to you without any question.   Feel free to try the surfboard plans and if you don't like them return them for a full refund within 60 days.   The payment is through so you know it can be trusted.  Clickbank is the largest electronic clearing probably in existence with millions of hassle free transactions - they are similar to paypal... you pay them then you get the product then they pay me if you are happy.

Hollow Wooden Surfboard Plans

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Just think, If you only get a tenth of the results a reasonable person should expect to get with Build a Surfboard for less than $100, you can see how you easily get you money's worth! Wood Longboard Surfboards cost over $800-$900 but you can build one for a fraction of the cost and be proud to ride something you built in your own garage.

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Purchase Wooden Surfboard Plans

Wood Longboard Surfboard Plans


Questions about this how to make a surfboard information? Contact me here!

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose because of my 100% Money Back Gurantee. And when you consider that I have cut the price to  $29.99 ONLY $12.77 USD, this should be a real no-brainer! So get your information on creating your own surfboard now while it's still fresh on your mind!

Make A Surfboard

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Surfboard Blueprints

Thanks for reading this information on how to build a wood surfboard and Wooden Surfboard Plans.